what was i thinking?

by Whiny

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released July 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Whiny Columbus, Ohio

lenny- vocals, guitar
kyle- drums
jacob- bass, vocals
lubs- guitar
max- keys, aux

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Track Name: Time to Wake Up
I'll come around.
you never know who's out.
I'm a walking struggle door to door.
Today i woke from a picture of her.
A poor flightless bird.
too weak to flop around. too scared to sleep
but maybe enough of both to embrace me.

Then the day came around again.

The time we spent together wasn't
worth the soles of my shoes
and the roads i braved to meet you
have taught me to run when I'm afraid to lose.
Track Name: Bad Knees
Sweep up the bits and pieces.
Pretend they don't stay with you
when you throw them away.
You're making the face you make
when you face the sun.
A wreath of amber.

I am just the scraps of everyone
Ive ever met.
Track Name: Taco Night
It took a long goodbye
to reunite at such a perfect time
and to realize that you made a part of me.
You came along even though
I never had much to offer.
To take your hand in mine
took me all this time.
we watched the night coming alive
and slipped in between the passersby
we could be friends again
without the weight of everything we tried to hide.

the things we push out of the way
come around again sometimes.
Track Name: Trophy Room
Where would i be without the way
you used to see me?
and when the summer leaves where does it go?
The trees grow old alone
I know the feeling of being uneasy in my skin.
(why don't you call me anymore way too late when
hes already sleeping in that bed of lies
you keep so neat and tidy?)
We draw these lines on our bodies
but so much can change
in the somersault we call a day.
I still need you around
but how long can i wait?

I remember when you fumbled with your keys
and let me in.
I felt the loss like the both of your arms.
We couldn't cool down so instead
we swam in your tiny bed.
Covered up by the raging waters.
I said things I never thought I would
In bated breath.
In confidence.
With the kind of truth that only comes
when you're shaking.
Oh how we were shaking.
Track Name: Chairs
Say you remember when i could write
your name on the arms
of the chairs you frequented.
Its like we knew they were yours.
And we can hang on together
forever on the same things
we thought we knew we'd stop.
We knew we were better off
leaving only locked doors
like crumbs on the path behind.
We though one day they might lead us back
that not even crows would eat them.

All the time you've spent drunk in smoke filled rooms
you were tripping on what was already behind you.
There's a shade in your home
that just wont go.

I can remember the time of day
but not what season it was.
I was so sure what you wanted
but I'm still not sure what i was waiting for.
I guess it was warm.
Maybe summer.
You cut my jeans into shorts and we said goodnight
leaving only locked doors.